Important Safety Information

Zenlens scleral lens for irregular corneas

Zenlens scleral lens is fully vaulting and is co-designed with Jason Jedlicka, OD. Zenlens allows you to fit a wide variety of corneal shapes and sizes using a single fitting set and fitting philosophy. It offers you:

A fundamentally well designed scleral with refined peripheral curves and generous landing zone.

  • Lens diameters of 16.0 mm and 17.0 mm—appropriate for a wide range of corneal sizes
  • Prolate and oblate designs to fit a wide range of corneal shapes
  • SmartCurve technology: modify only the parameter you want, not the ones you don’t
  • MicroVault feature allows you to vault up and over a peripheral obstruction (like a pinguecula)
  • Custom design options to fine-tune optics and physical fit
  • A comprehensive 28-lens diagnostic set for efficient fitting
  • Featured in Boston XO materials with a Dk of 100; also available in Boston XO2 with a Dk of 141

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Zen RC scleral lens for regular corneas

Zen RC gives you all the benefits of Zenlens scleral lenses in a smaller diameter. Purposely built for the normal cornea where excessive diameter and vault are unnecessary, Zen RC provides a smaller diameter for easy patient insertion and removal plus a reduced nominal center thickness designed specifically for this emerging segment.

  • Lens diameters of 14.8 mm and 15.4 mm to fit a wide range of normal corneal sizes
  • One profile design
  • Reduced nominal center thickness to increase oxygen transmission
  • Efficient 20-lens diagnostic set
  • SmartCurve technology: simplify your fitting by modifying only the parameter you want, not the ones you don’t

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Consultation and Warranty

You’ll get expertise from FCLSA* consultants with decades of in-office fitting experience that provide immediate fitting assistance either by phone or email.

Zenlens and Zen RC scleral lenses carry a full (100%) 90-day warranty that includes cancellation privileges.

* Fellows of the Contact Lens Society of America

NovaKone Soft Lens

NovaKone Soft lens comes in custom parameters including cylinder correction to -10.00D. These lenses are a viable solution for keratoconus.

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