Important Safety Information

Scleral Lenses

GP lenses come in a variety of diameters to meet the needs of fitters and patients. Scleral lenses are a larger diameter lens that rest on the sclera of the eye.

The Zenlens scleral lens is a fully vaulting scleral lens with SmartCurve technology which enables you to modify only the parameter you want, not the ones you don't.

  • Lens diameters of 16.0 and 17.0
  • Prolate and oblate designs to fit a wide range of corneal shapes
  • A comprehensive 28-lens diagnostic fitting set for efficient fitting


Scleral Lenses: Possible Areas for Use

  • Irregular corneas
  • Ocular surface disease
  • Post refractive surgery
  • Where gas permeable lens comfort is essential
  • Difficulty in adapting to gas permeable lens wear
  • Where a stable lens fit is required

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