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Zenlens, Zen RC and Zen Multifocal can now be coated with Tangible Hydra-PEG coating technology to enhance lens wettability. Tangible Hydra-PEG has been shown to increase surface water retention and lubricity and minimize deposits on various lens materials.

Zenlens scleral lens for irregular corneas

Zenlens scleral lens is fully vaulting and is co-designed with Jason Jedlicka, OD. Zenlens allows you to fit a wide variety of corneal shapes and sizes using a single fitting set and fitting philosophy. It offers you:

A fundamentally well designed scleral lens with refined peripheral curves and generous landing zone.

  • Lens diameters of 16.0 mm and 17.0 mm—appropriate for a wide range of corneal sizes
  • Prolate and oblate designs to fit a wide range of corneal shapes
  • SmartCurve technology: modify only the parameter you want, not the ones you don’t
  • MicroVault feature allows you to vault up and over a peripheral obstruction (like a pinguecula)
  • Custom design options to fine-tune optics and physical fit
  • A comprehensive 28-lens diagnostic set for efficient fitting
  • Featured in Boston XO materials with a Dk of 100; also available in Boston XO2 with a Dk of 141


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Zen RC scleral lens for regular corneas

Zen RC gives you all the benefits of Zenlens scleral lenses in a smaller diameter. Purposely built for the normal cornea where excessive diameter and vault are unnecessary, Zen RC provides a smaller diameter for easy patient insertion and removal plus a reduced nominal center thickness designed specifically for this emerging segment.

  • Lens diameters of 14.8 mm and 15.4 mm to fit a wide range of normal corneal sizes
  • One profile design
  • Reduced nominal center thickness to increase oxygen transmission
  • Efficient 20-lens diagnostic set
  • SmartCurve technology: simplify your fitting by modifying only the parameter you want, not the ones you don’t


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Zen Multifocal scleral lens

Multifocal Optical Alignment for Scleral Lenses

Ensure the near zone is on target with a lens that aligns the optics.

The Zen Multifocal design aligns the near zone over the visual axis instead of the pupillary axis which has been shown to provide clear vision in soft contact lenses. The multifocal design is available on both Zenlens and Zen RC scleral lenses and comes with all the benefits you have come to expect:

  • SmartCurve technology simplifies your fitting - only modify the parameters you want
  • MicroVault technology which creates a precisely designed elevation to vault the lens over a peripheral obstruction


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Consultation and Warranty

You’ll get expertise from FCLSA* consultants with decades of in-office fitting experience that provide immediate fitting assistance either by phone or email.

Zenlens and Zen RC scleral lenses carry a full (100%) 90-day warranty that includes cancellation privileges.

* Fellows of the Contact Lens Society of America

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NovaKone Soft Lens

NovaKone Soft lens comes in custom parameters including cylinder correction to -10.00D. These lenses are a viable solution for keratoconus.


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