NovaKone® custom soft lenses for Keratoconus

A custom approach to keratoconus, with the comfort of a soft lens.

Advanced design and flexible parameters help provide fitting control.

  • Central base curve designed for optical alignment over the steep central cornea
  • Variable lens center thickness to help neutralize irregular astigmatism
  • Independent, paracentral fitting curve to help ensure lens movement and physical fit

Lens Cross Section

A. Customizable central base curve Selected to match the average central-K reading of the keratoconic eye

B. Customizable fitting curve (paracentral) Designed like a soft lens base curve to help ensure lens movement and fit

C. IT Factor (Index of Thickness) Increase or decrease the central thickness, or IT Factor, of the lens to create optical stability and manage differing levels of corneal irregularity

D. Dual Elliptical Stabilization Contains dual thin zones at the outer edges of the lens to provide rotational stability

Material hioxifilcon D
Diameters 10.0 mm to 16.0 mm
Central base curve 5.4 mm to 8.6 mm
Fitting curve 8.3 mm to 8.9 mm
Spherical powers -30.00D to +30.00D
Cylinder powers -0.50D to -10.00D
Axis 1° to 180°

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