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Bi-Elevation™ creates 2 SAG values in the vaulting chamber so you can address uneven limbal clearance and achieve uniform landing on the sclera

Innovation achieved: Scleral alignment in 360º

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Explore how Bi-Elevation™ creates alignment in 360º

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Zenlens® Bi-Elevation™ VIDEOS

Bi-Elevation™ 360

Join Dr Jason Jedlicka, Dr Brooke Messer, and Expert Consultant Carri Rivera as they discuss how to enhance scleral alignment for your patients using Bi-Elevation™

  • 2023|00:45 min

Bi-Elevation™ fitting set

Balance power and simplicity:
The Zenlens® fitting set

Fit more scleral lens patients than ever before with the all-in-one Zenlens® fitting set that combines a comprehensive range of lens features and customizations.

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Bi-Elevation™ fitting set options:
6- or 12-lens options
Dx lenses
with 300 µm and 450 µm of Bi-Elevation™
Prolate and oblate shapes

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